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E6225F is a core product jointly developed by SDLG and Volvo experts after fully investigating the Chinese market. The product has high-strengthened chassis, heavy working device, optimized matching power hydraulic system, suitable for a variety of harsh conditions.

● The original imported low-speed and high torque D6 engine with supercharging and intercooling, can meet T3 emission. Strong power, economic and environmental protection, are more suitable for mine operation. It adopts three-stage air filtration, three-stage oil filtration and three-stage fuel filtration, with high reliability.

● Double pump constant power positive flow hydraulic system, automatic sensing control, with regeneration, priority and other functions.

● The reinforced lower frame with lengthened crawler and widened chassis has good trafficability and higher operation stability of the whole machine.

● Equipped with EECU, VECU, IECU, keypad and GPS electronic control system with special technology. It has functions of self-inspection, monitoring, emergency alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring, with good man-machine interaction and convenient operation and maintenance.

● The cab is spacious and has good sound insulation effect. It is equipped with three sunshade nets. Silicone oil rubber shock absorber is used to reduce vibration and impact.

● It can be equipped with various working devices and accessories such as crushing hammer.

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