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High digging force: high total weight, high hydraulic system pressure and moderate arm length, which work together to achieve perfect matching, thus achieving the maximum digging force compared with the benchmarking competitors;
Minimum fuel consumption:The 13L electronic fuel injection engine that is tailor made for SDLG by VOLVO features high power, low speed, good dynamic performance and low fuel consumption;
4-valve structure, supercharging and inter-cooling, and minimum fuel consumption in the case of maximum bucket capacity and operating mass;
Maximum working efficiency:both the fuel tank capacity and standard bucket capacity are higher than the benchmarking competitors, featuring long working time and high working efficiency;
The hydraulic system achieves heat dissipation through the fan which is driven by an independent motor, and the fan speed can be adjusted automatically, featuring good heat dissipation effect and long working time;
Reliability and durability: special mine structural parts, special engine, KAWASAKI master cylinder / main valve, high-quality core parts, which all contribute to its reliability and durability;The working device is provided with the boom holding valve, which can effectively prevent the working device from sinking, and achieve safer hoisting operation;
The oil bath type air filter features more thorough filtering and safer air supply, and in adverse mine conditions, the engine has the lowest failure rate of early abrasion;
Comfort and convenience:comfortable operating environment, good coordination between compound actions, and convenient maintenance.
VOLVO fine-adjusted negative flow hydraulic system matches with the engine, featuring good coordination between compound actions and smooth touch;

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