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SDLG E6500F is a heavy-duty large-scale mine excavator, adopting European technology. Its engine, pump valve and other core components come from world-famous brands, with excellent performance and reliable quality.

● The machine is equipped with a special low-speed and high torque Tier3 engine, which has strong power, large digging force and low fuel consumption. It is widely used in large-scale mining, large-scale infrastructure projects and other conditions.

● EECU can monitor the whole process, control the injection time and quantity more accurately, and reduce the fuel consumption.

● The hydraulic system has the functions of double pump confluence, flow regeneration, slewing priority, boom priority etc., with shorter cycle and high operation efficiency.

● It is equipped with heavy-duty four-wheel belt as standard, and full chain rail guard plate to protect the supporting wheel and chain rail from derailment during steering.

● The standard oil bath air filter can filter more than 95% of particles and dust, and basically eliminate the occurrence of engine early wear and other faults. It is more suitable for the bad dust condition of mine.

● The engine, cab and luxury seat are three-stage shock absorbers, with silicone oil shock absorbers for comfortable driving and riding. They are superior to the door glass and have a larger view.

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