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E660FL is a small excavator suitable for multi working condition, which is the upgraded version of E660F. Energy saving, reliable and comfortable, flexible operation and low noise, widely used in construction sites, municipal construction, farmland transformation, landscape engineering, pipeline laying and other working conditions.

● The whole machine has compact structure, flexible mobility, good adaptability to working conditions, fast action speed and high operation efficiency;

● Original Japanese Yanmar engine: four-valve structure, large air intake, automatic idle function with low energy consumption.

● Load sensing hydraulic system: the main control valve can operate independently of the load, the action coordination is not affected by the load, and it is related to the angle of the pilot handle. It can realize precision control on different executive elements, with good controllability and high work efficiency.

● Three stage filtration, two stage oil-water separator plus one stage fine filtration, high efficiency, good oil adaptability and more durable engine.

● Upper frame: integral reinforced upper frame structure, compact structure, good rigidity, uniform load distribution, small deformation, high reliability.

● Control system: eye-catching color monitor, monitor the running state of the machine at any time; convenient pilot handle and control switch, easy to reach, easy to operate.

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