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ER616F is a small tailless excavator which is newly designed by SDLG and is applicable for a variety of working conditions. The product integrates energy saving, reliability and comfort, features flexible operation and low noise, and is widely used in construction site, landscape engineering, municipal construction, cities and towns construction and other narrow occasions.
Energy-saving and efficiency
The original Japan KUBOTA engine features high air inlet, full combustion and low energy consumption;
The mechanical throttle control features simplicity and reliability, low fuel consumption, stable operation and high combustion efficiency;
Reliability and durability
The hydraulic components of world-famous brand are provided,featuring more sensitive action control, more stable system performance and high reliability;
The air filter is provided with electronic pressure difference indicator,and has the function of automatic alarm upon blocking;
The upper frame is of welding structure, featuring even load distribution and good rigidity; the lower frame is of split structure, and two crawler boxes are telescopic, featuring high durability;
Comfort and environmental protection
The rollover protective cab is used, featuring safer operation;
The engine meets China III emission standard, environmental friendly;
Convenient maintenance
Concentrated filters: the air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and other components are concentrated in the engine hood, which features reasonable machine layout convenient maintenance;
Lubrication convenience: the swing support that is inconvenient for lubrication, convenient maintenance is achieved through engine oil drain, diesel oil drain and leading out with the help of pipeline.

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